Tuesday 15 January 2013

Why you should re-key the locks in your new home

Receiving the keys to your new home is likely one of the most exciting parts of the home buying process. What many home buyers fail to ask themselves, however, is how many copies of these keys have been made in the past. Over the course of the previous owner's tenure, copies of keys may have been supplied to family, friends, caregivers or maintenance companies. This article from the Ottawa Citizen details not only the security benefits, but also the insurance benefits of having your home re-keyed.

Re-keying your home is an inexpensive and fast procedure that can give peace of mind, and other benefits as well. Most home insurance companies will expect that the locks in a previously-occupied home were re-keyed when the new owners took possession. If a client reports a forced entry, the insurance company will want to see evidence to be sure that neglect on behalf of the home owner was not a factor.

So how does one go about re-keying the locks in a home? Contrary to popular opinion, the locks themselves do not have to be replaced. A professional locksmith will simply disassemble the current locks and replace the pins and keys. There are two options to complete this process; removing the locks and taking them to a locksmith, or hiring a locksmith to come on-site to perform the procedure. In some newer homes, locks can be re-keyed without calling a locksmith. If the home was built within the past few years, it is recommended to ask the previous owner to find out if this is an option.

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Click here for the full article from the Ottawa Citizen.

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