Tuesday 21 August 2012

The importance of a thorough home inspection

Before settling on a home, and finalizing mortgage funding, a home inspection is an absolute necessity. One of the most important issues explored in a home inspection is potential water damage. A thorough home inspection can save time, and costly repairs, in the future. This article from the Toronto Star's Moneyville gives a list of items home inspectors and potential owners alike should be aware of to prevent water damage.

Ensuring the roof is in good shape is of extreme importance in a home inspection. Necessary roof repairs can go unnoticed, and will tend to be expensive to fix, so ensure the home inspector looks at the roof. Asking the approximate age of the roof can be helpful as well, as most roofs are not meant to last more than 15 years.

Water in the basement is another potential issue no home owner wants to encounter. Check for cracks in the foundation, the slope of the ground around the house, rust stains, mould and water marks. Recent basement renovations are also something to keep an eye on. Some sellers may be trying to inexpensively cover damage.

Finally, a detailed inspection of the plumbing is a must, including checking for sewer backups. In this article, we learn that clients can have a video made of their sewer system to check for future issues. It is important to remember that not every home inspector will have the same checklist, so buyers are encouraged to do their own research and ask for referrals from mortgage brokers, Real Estate Agents or Lawyers.

Click here for the full article from Moneyville.

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